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Facial: here’s everything you need to know

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on June 18, 2023

Facial: here’s everything you need to know

In today’s article we want to tell you about a particular situation much loved by Escorte Suceava, namely the facial.

The English term facial, which sounds like facial cumshot in full , means that sexual practice in which the man, through masturbation or blowjob by the woman, ejaculates on her face. This is the typical situation that arises in a bukkake session , but normally it also takes place during a couple relationship. Getting sprayed on the face with cock juice has become de rigueur in porn , prompting passionate debates over whether or not they are humiliating.

Facial psychology

Some industry experts say that facials are degrading and that’s why they look so good. Others disagree. Real-life sex and couples educators think this is ingrained in our negative sex culture. If we think of ejaculating as something dirty and disgusting and comes from sinful sex, then yes, obviously it is considered humiliating to have it on your face. But if we think of semen as a sacred fluid of life or at least a fluid that comes from the pleasurable sex of the person you’re choosing to have sex with, then that’s more of a neutral thing.

Many pornstars say that facials can definitely be an act of submission, and while it may not be for everyone, many women enjoy it. However, if the concept of submission makes you uncomfortable but you still want to try a facial, take control of the situation and the penis. If the penis is in your hands and you’re stroking it and you’re a catalyst for that orgasm , that’s a really powerful thing, especially if you’re in control of where that cum goes. During a blowjob for example, when he’s about to cum, you can turn his head and rest his penis on the side of your face, then let him cum on your cheek. As long as the penis is in your hand, you control the direction of that cum. You should never be surprised by a facial.

Clinical point of view

But there are real risks that could come with even getting a facial cumshot. Some skin types aren’t necessarily suited to facials – the water in the semen, as it dries on the skin, could leave the skin feeling drier. If you have rosacea, you should be careful. There is also the risk of getting cold sores in the eyes from infected semen, so definitely proceed with closed eyes, caution and lots of testing. If you still want to give the guy a view but aren’t interested in sperm all over his face (an entirely reasonable request), a pearl necklace is recommended, which means letting him ejaculate on his chest. Recently, a beauty blogger made headlines by saying that, in a fun combination of the traditional and sexual meanings of the word, sperm facials benefit the skin. Of course it’s not like that. Dermatologists weren’t impressed. Not only are there the aforementioned health risks, but there isn’t much evidence to support that it can be part of your daily skincare routine. And it’s not necessarily something that can penetrate the skin in any way beyond what a regular moisturizer can do.

So here’s everything you need to know about the facial.

And you, have you ever tried it? Did you like it? Tell us about your experiences.